Growing a reader

Sleeping Baby

Give your little one a great start

Read just one book a day to your baby from birth & by the time they are 5 years they will have enjoyed 1,826 books.

Developing early reading skills
Sing songs & rhymes

Your baby won't care if your singing is in tune. 

Learning rhymes will help your child to recognise & make up words that rhyme. This is an important skill in learning to read as it helps to develop phonological awareness.

Mother and Baby
Talk to your baby

From birth your child will love to hear the sound of your voice & will pick up words & eventually learn to say them.

As you go about your day describe what you are doing & listen out for your baby's gurgles & noises as they try to respond to you.

Father and Son
Read to your baby

Like talking you will be introducing your child to new words helping to learn about the world. When they start to read for themselves they will already have a great vocabulary.

Show them that books are important & that print has meaning.

Girl Reading and Laughing
Playing games

Playing matching games & puzzles helps children to recognise similarities. Children will learn to match shapes, patterns & then words.

Play dough will help develop their fine motor skills which will help with page turning & holding a pencil to write.

Playing with Rings
Image by Suad Kamardeen


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